Alachua Cares


Alachua Cares is a City of Alachua program based on voluntary contributions. These contributions are used to assist the City of Alachua utility customers who may be in need of emergency assistance to pay their utility bill.  All contributions collected are disbursed at the end of each month to Christ Central Ministries to administer the distributions of funds from this program.



Every penny counts to a family in need.



Make a difference and please donate today!



Options for pledging support for the City of Alachua Alachua Cares program:


A) Pledge a set amount to be added onto your regular monthly utility bill;

B) Pledge by rounding your monthly utility bill up to the next dollar; or,

C) Direct / one-time contribution. 


Though voluntary donations from citizens and City of Alachua utility customers this program assists those in financial hardship. Donations made to Alachua Cares are a tax deductible contribution and cover energy-related cost such as lighting, heating, cooling and water.


To make a pledge or donation, please complete the Alachua Cares Pledge Form by clicking here.  Forms or donations can be brought to the Alachua City Hall or mailed to:


Alachua Cares Program

P. O. BOX 9

ALACHUA, FL 32616-0009