Waste Services Highlights

Waste pickup inside the city limits of the City of Alachua is a part of your utilities.  So, when you turn on your electricity, your waste service will also be activated and your monthly charge will be on your Utility bill. There should already be a garbage cart and recycle cart assigned to your residence.

Residential trash and garbage, recycling, and yard wastes are collected once weekly. Bulk items (furniture, appliances, etc. are collected twice monthly.

In the event your refuse is not collected at the regularly scheduled time, please contact the City of Alachua Public Services at (386) 418-6140. Be sure to provide the representative that you speak with your name, street address, subdivision name (if applicable) and a telephone number that you wish to be contacted to verify that your service request was completed to your satisfaction.


There will be no collection on the following holidays or on any Sunday.

All residential collection (garbage, trash, recycling, yard waste, and bulk items) scheduled on or after a holiday will be delayed by one day for the remainder of that week (to include Saturday for schedule Friday collection).  Residential collection will return to the normal schedule the following week. Holidays that fall on weekends (Saturday or Sunday) will not impact the collection schedule.


Waste CartsPlease keep the following in mind:


Everyone who receives the City of Alachua residential curbside garbage collection uses mixed recycling.  Mixed recycling allows for just one collection cart for all your recyclable items.  The recycling cart is collected with a mechanical arm similar to the arm on the garbage collection vehicles.  Items will be separated at a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). A MRF is a state-of-the-art facility that uses sorting screens, magnets, air blowers, conveyor belts, and manual workers to help separate material by type.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there any new materials accepted in the program?

Colored glass, plastic containers #3 through #7, steel cans, paper milk and juice cartons will now be accepted. This is in addition to the material previously accepted including: mixed paper, flattened cardboard, aluminum cans, newspaper, and plastic bottles.

Can I recycle empty motor oil, anti-freeze or hazardous chemical containers?

Motor oil, antifreeze and other hazardous materials contain hazardous residue even when the containers have been emptied.

Can I put my recycling in a plastic bag in the recycle cart?

Grocery bags, trash bags, plastic wrap and food bags should not be included in your recycling cart. These bags get tangled in recycling sorting equipment and slow down the recycling process. Look for plastic bag recycling at local grocery stores.

Can I recycle shredded paper?

Yes. Shredded paper may be recycled. However, to prevent paper litter on your street, it must be placed in a paper (no plastic bags) bag prior to being placed in your recycle bin

Where can I get more information about recycling?

Contact Waste Pro at (386) 462-2500 for additional information.


Waste Pro StepsYard waste includes leaves, grass clippings and small tree limbs. Yard wastes do not include boards, lumber, construction materials, or remodeling demolition debris. Yard waste must be placed street side (within 10 ft of the street driving surface) by 7am of the collection day. Yard wastes placed adjacent to commercial properties or vacant lots will not be collected by the City’s waste collection contractor.

Residents are permitted to dispose of a maximum yard waste volume of 4 cubic yards each week (total pile size must not exceed 3 ft high by 3 ft wide by 12 ft long). Limbs must be less than five feet in length, smaller than six inches in diameter, and weigh less than 40 lbs. Loose yard waste must be containerized in a garbage container or in plastic trash bags.

Yard waste generated by tree surgeons, landscape maintenance contractors, or other commercial enterprises will not be collected by the City’s residential refuse collection contractor. Residents may contact Waste Pro at (386) 462-2500 to obtain a price quotation to remove yard wastes that exceed the criteria outlined above or that was generated by a tree surgeon, landscape maintenance contractor, or other commercial enterprise.

Remember, the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of the yard waste material you generate is to recycle it at your home. For free information and backyard compost bins, contact Alachua County’s Waste Management Division at (352) 374-5213.
Before attempting to burn yard waste, please contact the Florida Division of Forestry at (352) 955-2010.


The City of Alachua offers street side pickup of bulk items for residents at no additional charge. Bulk items include furniture and appliances such as couches, tables, chairs, desks, washers and dryers.

Bulk items are collected by Waste Pro the same day of the week as your trash, garbage, and recycle wastes are collected. You may contact Waste Pro at (386) 462-2500 if you have questions about bulk item service. Bulk item(s) must be kept separate from any other trash or debris. Bulk items should be placed street side no earlier than 5 pm on the day before the scheduled collection day.


Construction materials and remodeling demolition debris are not considered bulk item waste and will not be collected by the City’s residential waste contractor. Residents with construction materials and remodeling demolition debris may contact Waste Pro at (386) 462-2500 to obtain a price quotation to remove the material or properly dispose of it at either of the following sites.


Residents are encouraged to donate gently used items to charity. Residents may also post unwanted items on Alachua Exchange,, Alachua County's free online exchange service. Also, many area charities will come to your home and collect your large items. Some local charities include:


Waste Pro ExclusionsThe following items are excluded from the City’s residential refuse collection program. However, Waste Pro may be willing to collect these items for an additional fee. Please contact Waste Pro at (386) 462-2500 if you wish to obtain a price quotation.

The City of Alachua periodically schedules community roundup days for disposal of tires, hazardous materials, paints, solvents, and flammable liquids. Announcements for these community roundups will appear in the Alachua County Today newspaper and on the City’s website, Some of these items are accepted at Alachua County’s Rural Collection Centers. Residents are encouraged to contact Alachua County’s Waste Management Division at (352) 374-5213 or visit their website at to learn more about the materials that are accepted at these facilities and their hours of operation. The locations of Alachua’s County Rural Collection Centers are shown on the map provide above which shows the collection schedule days in Alachua.

You can obtain more information regarding the City of Alachua’s Residential Refuse Collection Program by contacting the City of Alachua Public Services Department at (386) 418-6140.


Customers requiring assistance can receive backdoor pick-up for their designated pick-up days.  Residents who are physically unable to take garbage containers and recycling bins to the street side collection location are eligible to receive backdoor service.  This service is provided at no additional charge.

To obtain this backdoor service, a customer must:

Waivers, if approved, will be kept on file in the City’s Utility Billing Department.

Special Needs Waiver

Yard waste is not included in this service program.  Residents may contact Waste Pro at (386) 462-2500 to obtain a price quotation for this service.