Purchasing DivisionPurchasing will be responsible for the acquisition of any materials, supplies, services, construction or equipment for the City of Alachua. Purchasing will be responsible for establishing and administering purchasing policies; for initiating reports related to the analysis of the procurement performance function; for monitoring the competitive bidding process; for initiating the RFB, RFQ and RFP processes; and for the analysis of pricing for materials, equipment, services, supplies and construction.

The City of Alachua adheres to its Purchasing and Sales Policy and Regulations as adopted by the City Commission

Primary Objectives:

  1. To procure the highest quality materials, supplies and contractual services for the most competitive cost to the City.
  2. To promote an understanding of sound procurement policy and procedures throughout all Departments.
  3. To determine the most efficient and economical means of securing materials or services while maintaining required control and sound fiscal practices.
  4. To promote the establishment of standardized specifications and procedures in the acquisition of materials, services, equipment, supplies and construction.
  5. To promote the procurement function and to exchange ideas and information with other public procurement agencies.
  6. To provide leadership and professional growth to the staff within Purchasing.
  7. To encourage and augment the local small business and minority business component associated with the City’s procurement system.
  8. To ensure a separation of duties between the Accounts Payable functions and the Purchasing acquisition functions.