The Planning & Community Development Office of the City of Alachua is committed to ensuring quality development through compliance with City Land Development Regulations, Comprehensive Plan, ordinances and resolutions.  Several departments comprise this office including Planning & Zoning and Building.  These departments are here to assist residents and businesses on a myriad of issues including zoning changes, new construction, redevelopment, building permits and applications, and many others.  The Planning & Community Development office is dedicated to serving all the citizens and business owners of Alachua. 

In this section of our website you will find valuable information relating to the functions of these departments.



Growth Trends Report - September 2016

The City's Fiscal Year 2016 Strategic Plan identified an initiative (Initiative 1.6) to develop a report containing data and analyses related to population projections; demographic, economic and housing characteristics; existing land use and development characteristics; extent of vacant lands and lands with development potential within Future Land Use Map categories; identification of vacancy rates (residential and nonresidential); land use needs; and changing conditions and trends affecting the City. The City Planning & Community Development Department prepared a report to implement Strategic Initiative 1.6. The report was accepted by the City Commission on September 26, 2016, and may be accessed at the link below.

Report - Identifying Growth Trends and Population Statistics for the City's Strategic Initiative 1.6 to Develop a Long-Range Plan of Alachua's Future


CRA Market Study - July 2016

The City's Fiscal Year 2016 Strategic Plan identified an inititative (Initiative 1.3) to develop a strategy and implementation plan to revitalize Main Street and the downtown area of the City. The City contracted Redevelopment Management Associates (RMA) to conduct a Market Study and Economic Development Implementation Plan to implement Strategic Initiative 1.3. The Plan was approved by the City Commission on July 11, 2016, and may be accessed at the link below.

Alachua CRA Market Study and Economic Development 

Implementation Plan, July 2016