chief scott
Chief Chad Scott

One of the primary objectives of Alachua Police Department (APD) is to provide a safe, secure community environment for all residents and businesses. APD serves the community by protecting life and property, detecting crime, enforcing all laws and ordinances and promoting the safe, efficient use of the city's streets and highways.

Police Services include, but are not limited to, specialized divisions - Office of the Chief, Patrol Services, Special Investigations Unit, Traffic Units, School Resource Officers, K-9 Services, Community Services and Staff Services.

The Office of the Chief maintains the community and media relations, investigation of personnel complaints, budget finances, and background checks.

Patrol Services provides a full range of prevention, suppression, detection of criminal activity, traffic enforcement and traffic crash investigation and initial and follow-up investigations on crime reports.

Special Investigations Services provides an agent to investigate organized crime and drug law violations as a part of the 8th Judicial Circuit. An Investigator is assigned to all crimes that require further investigation and follow-up.

K-9 Services provides support to the Patrol Function Services and specializes in detecting drug law offenders, apprehension of law violators and locating missing persons. It supports Community Services by giving demonstrations and services as needed to the community.

Community Services provides support functions to Patrol Service and the community. An officer is assigned to community crime prevention providing support for all community needs with special emphasis on crime, drug and violence prevention programs.

The Staff Services Division includes the Communications Center, Records Department and Secretarial Services. The Communications Center provides support for police, fire, ambulance, and other city services as needed. In addition, it is responsible for records of police reports, warrants, information and the storage and retrieval of all police documents. The secretarial function is responsible for preparing statistical data and secretarial services to the department as needed.

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