Land Rights

The Department coordinates Land Rights matters involving City interests. Negotiations are conducted with prospective sellers of property to the City and those with an interest in dedicating property for Roadways, Easements and Property for other public use. The sale or lease of City property is handled in the same way.

Staff works with departments such as Public Services and Planning and Community Development  to identify the land rights necessary and appropriate for project development and then in the carrying out of the plan by identifying property owners and acquiring the necessary parcels or other land rights. Large commercial developments, such as have occurred recently and are in the planning stage, normally require the upgrading of utility and transportation infrastructure that occurs off the project premises. The City also continuously plans long term infrastructure improvements including the need to secure the necessary land rights. The Department works with affected land owners and other government agencies often over a period of months and even years to secure the land rights to meet present and long term needs.

All decisions for the acquisition or sale of real property rights, except for Public Utility Easements and other non title interests as are necessary in the normal course of municipal business, must be scheduled before and approved by the City Commission in a public meeting.



Land Purchase or Sale

Purchase Project Legacy Land

Legacy Park Overall siteplan


(East of I-75)

Easements photos


Road Dedications

(Nanotherputics/Copeland Park)

Nanotherapeutics EDTF Sketch 3


Lease from Lions Club-Skinner Park

Skinner Field