Risk Management is responsible for maintaining an overview of City operations with an emphasis and focus on protecting the public, employees and all property from harm or damage and the City from resultant liability or loss. Staff is focused on the analysis of insurance coverages and the examination of all relationships with third party vendors and other contract parties.

Risk Management reviews and evaluates insurance coverage needs, examines products in the marketplace, recommends appropriate coverage packages and carriers in all areas including Comprehensive General Liability, Auto Liability, Vehicle Physical Damage, Property, Workers Compensation and Employee Group Health benefits

All accidents of any description involving City employees or property are processed by the department and all claims on behalf of or against the City are handled by the office. Coordination of claim processing is accomplished as contact and communication is maintained and facilitated between the City Attorney, insurance representatives, outside legal counsel and involved City employees. This role is particularly important in matters of litigation and results in the reduction of outside legal expense and yields a more efficient and expeditious processing of all claims and litigation to the benefit of all parties.


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