1 contrat imageContracts

All City Contracts, whether drafted by the City or submitted by a third party, are processed through the department and reviewed for consistency with the City Purchasing and Sales Policy and Regulations, State and Federal law and other factors necessary to fulfill the responsibility of city staff to be certain that the interests of the public are protected and furthered by all transactions with third parties and agreements with other governmental entities. Standard contract language in critical areas has been developed and procurement templates established to bring uniformity, consistency and transparency to the business of the City.

All contracts are entered in a continuing catalog and a new contract management software and supporting hardware system. The new system makes it possible to negotiate contracts on line and circulate drafts internally for review and comment. The software will provide the capability for unlimited attachments to each contract file, maintain a complete history of each contract development and generate monitoring alerts for the life of the contract term. The system is integrated with the City Purchasing Division.

The department is active in the negotiation of several key city contracts including the Alachua Police Department-Fraternal Order of Police Collective Bargaining Agreement, Residential Solid Waste Contract, Utility Territorial Agreements and others.




2 fop Police Department-Fraternal Order of Police Collective Bargaining    Agreement
3 wastepro


Waste Pro of Florida, Inc. Residential Collection and Disposal of Solid Waste, Yard Waste and Recycling Contract

4 Duke energy


Territorial Agreement between the City of Alachua and Duke Energy Florida, LLC