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Compliance & Risk Management

The Compliance and Risk Management Department is responsible for enforcing the City Code of Ordinances through the Code Enforcement Division. A Special Magistrate hears cases brought by the City Code Enforcement Officer if a violation is not voluntarily corrected within a reasonable time after written notice.

The Department serves as in house liaison with the City Attorney particularly in coordination of insurance coverage and staff support in matters of potential or actual litigation. All City contracts are reviewed, amended, and processed for approval by the City Manager or City Commission. The history of each contract through execution and is monitored through completion by the City automated contract management system. Land Right transactions involving the City are also coordinated through the Department.

The Department is also responsible for developing, recommending and monitoring all City Insurance coverage, including General Liability, Auto Liability, Vehicle Physical Damage, Property, Workers Compensation and Employee Group Health Benefits. The Safety Division, Safety Specialist and City Wide Safety Program are included as a part of the commitment of the City Commission and the City Manager to protecting the general public, city employees, public and private property.