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Code Enforcement

Welcome to the City of Alachua Office of Code Enforcement.

We take steps to maintain and improve our health as we age. Neighborhoods and structures in Alachua also require maintenance to stay in good health. Those not maintained can deteriorate. 

U.S. Census Bureau statistics show abandoned or boarded-up buildings nearby can reduce the value of a home by as much as 30.7%. Trash in a neighborhood can reduce values by 14.5%. Property values fall, vandalism and crime occur more frequently, and neighborhoods become noisy, dirty and uncomfortable.

There is a simple solution to maintaining good neighborhoods – Individual Property Owner Responsibility.  Some fail to take responsibility for their property and citizens band together and ask government to create minimum standards for housing, yards, parking etc. Standards protect surrounding property owners and tenants who might otherwise suffer substandard conditions.

We hope the information in our site will be helpful. Please feel free to contact us if you have unanswered questions or comments. We look forward to working with you to make our community and environment a more beautiful place to live. Comp
lete the Property Checklist to know how you can do your part. 

The Code Enforcement Office works with citizens to ensure public health and quality of life are not compromised by violations of City Ordinances. Ordinances are designed to protect the health and safety of all residents. Action on a specific violation may be initiated either by a complaint to the Code Enforcement Office or by observation of the violation by a Code Enforcement Officer.  

Citizens who wish to file a complaint may complete the Citizen Complaint Form.  The owner and/or party in control of the property will be notified of any violation and given an opportunity to meet code requirements without fine or penalty except in emergency situations, irreparable conditions or repeat violations. See Code Violation Process for further detail.  

In accordance with Section 12-20 of the City of Alachua Code of Ordinances, a Code Enforcement Special Magistrate system was established on December 18, 2006 to replace the former Code Enforcement Board.

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