Businesses seeking to locate within the City of Alachua must complete an application for Local Business Tax Receipt (formerly occupational license).  Prospective businesses must complete both the Local Business Tax Receipt Application and the Certificate of Land Development Regulations Compliance Application.  Please note that prospective businesses must obtain land use and zoning information through the Planning & Zoning Department prior to placing a business within the City of Alachua to guarantee that the business is compatible with the regulations of the City. Certain individuals or organizations are exempt from the Local Business Tax.  Please review the Local Business Tax Exemption Application and Section 10-36 Schedule of Fees for applicability.

Completed applications must be turned in to the City of Alachua along with the following:

 Below is a list of applications that can be printed, completed and returned to the City.

For all Local Business Tax Receipt Applications, complete the following:

For Home Occupations, also complete:

For exempt businesses, also complete: