The City of Alachua City Commission is authorized to adopt Land Development Regulations in accordance with Article VIII, Section 2(b), Florida Constitution; Section 163.3161, Florida Statutes, Section 163.3202, Florida Statues; Section 166.201, Florida Statutes, and by all other relevant laws of the State of Florida.

Section 1.7 of the City of Alachua Land Development Regulations (LDRs) establishes an Official Zoning Atlas, which identifies lands divided into zone districts, as set forth in Article 3: Zone Districts, of the LDRs.

For viewing convenience, below are links to specific Articles of the Land Development Regulations as well as a link to the Land Development Regulations in its entirety.

 Amendments - Not Codified

The following amendments have been adopted by the City Commission, but are not yet codified:

Certificates of Appropriateness
Ordinance 19-22
Landscape Code Revisions
Ordinance 19-05
Final Text - Landscape Code Revisions
Street Design Requirements
Ordinance 19-25